International and French gospel music

to help humanitarian plans of the small Catholic community of Jericho, Palestine. La Chorale Gospel de Joliette (Joliette Gospel Choir) and Maison InterCD - the administrator and promoter of the musical activities of the choir - wish to bring financial support to the Catholic Good Shephard Community in Jericho (Middle East).

This community offers to the Christian families (less than 7 % of the local population) the pastoral services it needs. Furthermore, it supports an elementary school (nearly 500 children) teaching them to open their minds to dialogue towards other cultures, although the population is predominantly Muslim (93 %). The school remains, even today, a good example of respect and mutual aid between all communities and that leads them to embrace a high level of spiritual consciousness. Jericho counts numerous poor families. They are struggling to survive in a social and political context where jobs are rare and the conflicts persistent. In association with the Custody of Holy Land, several projects are initiated to keep these families away from precariousness situations and mostly to stimulate the taste of studies and well-being of the population, the «living stones» of Palestine. Jericho is considered the most ancient city in the world near the Jordan River. It has been a symbol of peace and unity for many centuries. So, Jericho relies on the generosity of people like us in Quebec to pursuit its mission.

With his contagious energy and talent, music director Father Guylain Prince, Franciscan and all Joliette Gospel Choir singers, will give everything they have, gospel’s best music, to sing a wonderful repertoire of international and French gospel songs. This music is about faith and love. It has the power to reunite, celebrate and pray. Along its rich resonance, it is mainly a rising praise, a soft cry, a surge of love. We can hear it in many languages and musical styles. This gospel concert will be a splendid reflection of the Holy Land: a rich human mosaic swept by the desert winds and love of these ancient people. The Commissariat of the Holy Land will ensure for the safe delivery of the funds. Come, all of you and sing with us so that our Christian’s brothers and sisters of the Middle East will live in a better world filled with peace, solidarity and friendship.


Saint Patrick Church 3759, Queen Street
Rawdon Tickets : (450) 834-2323

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 2020: In the Footsteps of Jesus

The Commissariat organizes or supports annual pilgrimage projects in view of becoming acquainted with the Christian communities of the Middle East and praying in the major shrines of the Holy Land.

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